The Friends of Grand Manan Trails

Heritage Trails and Footpaths on Grand Manan, New Brunswick, Canada (10th edition - 2020)

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Une version française de ce guide est disponible ici. 

Grand Manan Island is a hikers paradise and one of the best places to hike in the province of New Brunswick.  There are over 70 km of trails on this small island in the mouth of the Bay of Fundy.  The trails that follow the shoreline all combined make up the Lighthouse Trail.  This trail travels along the cliff tops along the full western shore and continue around the north east shore to North Head.  The eastern shore is flatter ground where you will find beaches, Castalia Marsh, and The Anchorage Provincial Park.  The island is rich in geologic history and wildlife.

This guidebook is compact enough to fit in your pack at 21.6cm x 14 cm (8.5"x5.5").  It has many details about the geology of the island that makes it an interesting read even if you aren't planning a hike.

Trail maps, directions, descriptions and other information are provided for Grand Manan Island as well as neighboring Ross Island and White Head Island.  

40 pages

The following is a full list of trails included in this book:

  1. Net Point Trail, North Head
  2. Hole-in-the-Wall Park, North Head
  3. Swallowtail to Fish Head, North Head
  4. Fish Head to Hole-in-the-Wall, North Head
  5. Whale Cove to Hole-in-the-Wall, North Head
  6. Whale Cove to Ashburton Head, Northern Head
  7. Ashburton Head from the Whistle Road, Northern Head
  8. Ashburton Head to the Whistle, Northern Head
  9. The Whistle to Indian Beach, Northern Head
  10. Indian Beach to Money Cove, Northern Head
  11. North Head to Money Cove via the North Trail, Northern Head
  12. Money Cove to Dark Harbour, Dark Harbour
  13. Dark Harbour to Western Head Lookout, Dark Harbour
  14. Western Head to Little Dark Harbour, Dark Harbour
  15. Little Dark Harbour to Dwelly's Cove and Pond, Seal Cove
  16. Dwelly's Pond to Big Head, Seal Cove
  17. Big Head to Bradford Cove, Southern Head
  18. Bradford Cove to Southwest Head, Southern Head
  19. Deep Cove to Bradford Cove, Southern Head
  20. Southwest Head to Pat's Cove via Flock of Sheep, Southern Head
  21. Red Point to Anchorage Provincial Park, Grand Harbour
  22. Anchorage Provincial Park to Ox Head & Ingalis Head, Grand Harbour
  23. Ross Island
  24. White Head Island
  25. Castalia Marsh, Castalia

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