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Waterfalls of New Brunswick

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Everyone loves waterfalls and this book takes you on an adventure throughout the province exploring them.

This book is filled with beautiful pictures of waterfalls and stories about the authors visits and the history of each waterfall.  If you are looking for more of a trail guide with summary information, directions, descriptions, and nearby waterfalls check out the Waterfalls of New Brunswick: The Guide.  

From the back:

Who would have guessed that a small province could hold so many falls?

New Brunswick is home to approximately one thousand waterfalls - some remote, some surprisingly accessible.  Cascading over and incredible range of ancient geology, the fifty-five waterfalls photographed for this richly illustrated volume will captivate hikers and armchair travellers alike.  With an eye to diversity, particular beauty, and geological interest, Waterfalls of New Brunswick depicts this natural phenomenon in all its beauty regardless of the season.

Spanning all five regions of New Brunswick (Acadian Coastal, Appalachian Range, River Valley Scenic, Fundy Coastal and Miramichi River), this book holds something for everyone.  You may even wish to strap on your backpack and head out to experience these waterfalls yourself.

Born in Dalhousie, New Brunswick, Nicholas Guitard now lives in Fredericton.  He is an avid nature photographer, canoeist, hiker, and waterfalls hound.

Book specs:

  • 147 pages
  • 55 waterfalls
  • Published Date: 2009

Perfect bound soft cover.

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