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On Foot to Fundy - Hiker's Guide Book (2021 edition)

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The Dobson Trail is Canada’s Oldest volunteer built and maintained 4 season trail.  This guide book was written by volunteers from the Fundy Hiking Trail Association who intimately know this trail.  The trail travels 58 kilometers through the wilderness from Riverview to Fundy National Park.  The pocket guide is jam packed with information about what you will need for equipment and what hazards you may find and how to deal with them.  It shows you how to use a map and compass.  It then includes a detailed breakdown of each of the sections of the trail.  It also has information about the human, natural and geological history of the trail. 

 What’s included:

  • 55 page pocket guide
  • 11”x17” two sided, waterproof contour map of the trail. Includes all access trails to the main trail.

Shipping and Handling is $3.49 within Canada and $5.99 to the US.